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    No longer just a novelty or for the wealthy recluse, safe rooms, or panic rooms, have entered the mainstream with many affluent clients considering them a necessity when searching for a new luxury property.

    The 2002 action-thriller Panic Room starring Jodie Foster featured a safe room that only included the basics to stay secure until help could arrive. Since then, an entire industry has built up around making these safe spaces into usable rooms worth bragging about. As a recent article in Architectural Digest notes, some of these rooms can cost several hundred thousand dollars and come with security features like Kevlar lining, autonomous air-filtration systems, and infrared surveillance systems.

    image from media.architecturaldigest.com

    A home office that doubles as a safe room. Photo: Courtesy of Covert Interiors

    Those with the means have been able to turn what was once thought of as a utilitarian bunker into wine and cigar cellars, dressing rooms, and more. With all of the possibilities emerging for these now multi-purpose rooms, consulting safety and design professionals now will help you gain valuable information when your next affluent client requires the added security of a panic room.

    Read the full article, Luxury Panic Rooms and VIP Evacuation Services Are in High Demand, at architecturaldigest.com



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